A contemporary novel looking at cyber stalking and the dangers of an underage relationship

Seth, a teacher in his 50's, is from the 'old school'. A traditional everyman that plied his profession conscientiously. That is, until the stresses and pressures of the modern British education system sent him to the edge.

Forced to retire prematurely because of work-induced stress, he used his time idly surfing the internet and eventually found himself being drawn to the social media world of blogs.

Seeing blogging as a way to discipline himself into a daily writing regime, he thought this would enable him to embark on writing the novel he had wanted to do for many years.

The journey into blogging, ultimately, led him to uncover his repressed dark side. Journeys to encounter those he had met via his blog, an underage relationship with a Lolitaesque 'JT' and a series of erotic nightmares found him conscientiously struggling to remain on the correct side of the 'grey line'.

The uncovering of Seth's darker side could only lead to one conclusion. . . 

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© 2014 Dean Nixon